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Product Name: Belt-type Color Sorter
Product Number: MS-LD252S
Technical Properties: CCD
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1. Belt-type soft conveying system has lower drop, low broken rate, High productive applicable to more various materials.
2. High flexibility, applicable to a wider range of materials, can accurately set the operation parameters according to the moving track of specific materials; which makes the machine multifunctional and high value-added.
3. Powerful Operation System, various sorting mode and automatic memory function, set sorting system once for repeated materials, best sorting results are acquired easily.

 4. Double-layer belt system, for materials with high impurity for example plastic, it can complete sorting in one time.
5. Resorting function is available, it can re-sort ready to go material and waste material, can achieve higher color sorting accuracy.
6. Leading LED light source technology.High efficiency, long service life, strong anti-interference ability and lower cost
7. The World’s top 2048 CCD senor has high resolution to detect various materials.
8. Leading intelligent shape function, can effectively detect different size and shapes.
9. Optional NIR function can detect and remove various malignant impurities.

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